New Machining Equipment

UX500P/15C, 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center


Sinicon Plastics has already received its first purchase order in anticipation of this acquisition. This 5-axis vertical machining center will introduce a new technological advantage to Sinicon Plastics’ Pittsfield facility. This machine can manufacture a wide variety of parts employing less setup time due to the ability to machine five sides of a component in one setup vs multiple setups on a 3-axis machine. 5-axis machining will result in less cost, increased throughput, new business opportunities, and improved product quality for our valued customers. Simultaneous 5-axis machining also has the potential to open-up opportunities in market segments which we currently are unable to compete.



MV214P/15C – 3-Axis 60″ x 28″ High-Precision Vertical Machining Center

This 3-axis, large capacity, vertical machining center not only replaces an aged 20 years worn out machine, but it also maintains a machining size envelop which is rare in Berkshire County. Few metal cutting businesses have machine capacity of this size, which allows Sinicon Plastics to support several area businesses by manufacturing parts that are much too large for other companies. This new machine is equipped with a higher RPM spindle, a faster cutting speed, and 1,000 PSI of chip flushing technology, which will increase throughput over current technology by 30 to 40 percent. This machine is also equipped with mist collecting technology which will result in better air quality and an overall safer work environment for our employees.

Assembly Room Update

New room is coming along nicely! We are awaiting furniture delivery and we will be good to go. Thank you to everyone who helped along the way:

  • Virgilio Construction;
  • T&M Electric;
  • ICS Flooring;
  • South Mountain Builders;
  • Conklin Office Furniture; and
  • David Vautrin Painting.