Specialty Resins

Our team has over 100 years combined experience in molding high performance engineering resins. In fact, Sinicon was one of the first molders in the country to mold ULTEM, then called ULTREX. Our team has a depth of knowledge molding parts for high heat, lubricity, conductive or electrically shielded applications. Here are some of the plastics we mold:

Ultem ABS Nylon
Siltem TPU Polycarbonate
Acetal HIPS Polypro
Polysulfone HDPE Isoplast

More often than not our plastics are filled and/or reinforced. Some filling agents we mold frequently are:

Long Glass Fiber Glass Fiber and Bead
Teflon (PTFE) Carbon Fiber and Powder
Silicone Stainless Steel
Kevlar Talc

Sinicon also molds a wide range of silicone materials from 0-80 durometer. We mold medical grade silicone as well for any projects involving FDA requirements.