Our Story

Sinicon Plastics was founded by a man named Tony Sinico. A child of the Great Depression and first generation Italian-American, Tony was no stranger to hard work and dedication. Due to the circumstances at the time, Tony left school in the eighth grade to support his family by working on their dairy farm in Stockbridge Massachusetts.

He spent over 20 years growing the farm to over 200 cows. Tony eventually left farming and had a few different jobs including Road Supervisor for the town of W. Stockbridge. In 1968, Tony had a young family of his own to support, and decided to start Sinicon Plastics, a true family business. He, and eventually his son Tony Jr, worked tirelessly to build Sinicon from the ground up, much like the dairy farm many years ago.

After 21 years  of work, Tony decided it was time to sell Sinicon Plastics. in 1989, our current owner, David Allen, purchased Sinicon from Tony and his son. It was clear from the start that the Sinicos and David were a terrific match. Much like Tony in 1968, David had a young family of his own to support and was no stranger to hard work. As testimony to the chemistry between the two, David noted that “Tony continued to work for me for 23 years, becoming my most hardworking, dedicated employee and mentor until he retired at the age of 91.”

When David bought the company there were seven employees and eight machines located in an old, 5,000 sq ft textile mill. Since then the company has evolved into a leading manufacturer of highly technical plastic and silicone parts. Here are some of the milestones along the way:

  • In 1992 Sinicon relocated from the textile mill to a 10,000 sq ft facility, also in Pittsfield.
  • In 1995 we became one of the first ISO 9001 certified companies of our size at around 10 employees.
  • Sinicon purchased its first silicone machine in the late 90s. Since then we have built our silicone department to include four machines and, as of year end 2016, account for 10% of sales.
  • By the early 2000s Sinicon had twelve machines and twenty employes, up from eight and seven respectively.
  • In 2005 David purchased RM Bell Engineering, giving Sinicon in house tooling capabilities.
  • In 2009, Sinicon again relocated, this time to near by Dalton, Ma. RM Bell came along for the ride. We purchased a 35,000 sq ft facility and completely remodeled and renovated 25,000 sq ft for our initial move.
  • In 2013 Sinicon doubled in size in terms of both sales and employees. As of 2016 we have 45 employees. This rapid expansion resulted in the renovation of the last 10,000 sq ft of our facility.
  • Since 2013, Sinicon has invested over $1.5 million in machinery and renovations. We now occupy all 35,000 sq ft of our facility. We have more than 20 molding machines and an updated tool room.
  • In 2019 Sinicon purchased Advanced Machine and Tool. AMT is a production machine shop specializing in machining production metal parts as well as post molded machining of plastic parts.