New tool room equipment


Rather than building a new room for old equipment, Sinicon has invested in new tooling machinery as well. Here we have the first three additions to our new tool room.

Makino F5: This 2015 Makino F5 CNC has high RPM capabilities designed to cut hardened steel with incredible finishes. The F5 vertical machining center is the “ideal hard milling machine for complex applications.” See more at: Makino F5 CNC

Makino EDAF3: The Makino EDAF3 is our new RAM EDM machine. “The EDAF3 uses the latest Hyper-i control system interface that delivers efficient and productive results while bringing new levels of user-friendly operation to the shop floor.” – See more at: Makino EDAF3

Milltronics VM2016: Our third addition to the tooling family is this Milltronics VM2016 CNC machine. “Milltronics milling machines meet today’s needs for higher speeds, tighter tolerances, rock solid reliability,” Milltronics

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